SIP and VOIP Training

Iptestlabs one of the best SIP and VOIP training institute in Pune India provides online and instructor led classes. It is recognized as best SIP training institute in pune by many global vendors. It has listed in top 10 best Sip training institute in Bangalore and best VOIP institute in Bhubaneswar as well. It provides comprehensive hands-on practical VoIP course has been developed and proven over many years to deliver an excellent, up-to-date coverage of present-day VoIP systems. Our comprehensive training packages go way beyond imparting the theory. We prepare delegates for the real world, ensuring can immediately put their knowledge into practice.

Course Content:
  • Overview of VoIP
  • Operating Voice over IP
  • Introduction to Voice over IP signaling
  • ITU / IETF Megaco / H.248
  • Overview of IP QoS
  • SIP Overview
  • SIP Architecture and Components
  • Overview of SIP Operation
  • SDP Description and Role
  • SIP Registration and Location Servers
  • SIP Proxy
  • SIP URI and DNS
  • The SIP Redirect Server
  • Problems of SIP NAT
  • SIP In the Cloud
  • Potential threats to SIP
  • Securing SIP
  • SIP Solutions and Capacity Planning
  • Connecting to the Cloud

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